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[Warning : this game contains graphic images]

In the dark alleys of a sordid city, a man wanders with only one idea in mind: to cuddle all the homeless dogs of the neighborhood. But too many years in these streets have made him a little unstable. Only music can keep him focused on his task. Help him follow the rhythm or he will beat the dogs...

! You will need a Xbox controller to play this game !


Verstraeten Noémie : Team Manager, Community Manager and catering instagram & ArtStation

Lea Ropion: Game Design and UI designer

Thomas Foucault: Programmer

Pamphile Saltel: Programmer

Alexis Aspecada (Alorni): Illustrator and animator  

Martin Rabiller: Sound Design and Music Composer Soundcloud

Valentin di Domenico: Technical Audio Assistant


Dont Beat It - Windows.zip 72 MB

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