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Randon Gamsay is taking you to assist him in the hard task of managing a kitchen full of stupid chefs. The problem is, they keep bumping into each other and messing up their recipes. You will need to be extra careful and keep a close eye on them to keep the restaurant afloat...

Welcome in the first episode of the famous tv show Kitchen Inferno with Random Gamsay !

- Manage a team of incompetents cooks
- Earn enough money to keep the Kitchen afloat
- And most of all keep your calm !

How to :
  1.  Help Randon Gamsay handle the kitchen
  2. Assign recipes to your cooks
  3. Use your mouse to reprimand or cheer the cooks when they make mistakes.
  4. Be mindful of their mood.
  5. Send the dishes to the patrons to earn money.

or watch the video !

- Kalhu (Axelle BRIAND) : Game Designer
- Laurent POLIAKOFF : Game Designer
- Clémence RUMINY : Game Designer & Ergo Instagram Page
-Benoit TOTH : Programmer
-Simon MOISAN : Programmer
- Laetitia BRUN : Graph (Animator 2D) Instagram Page & Art Station Page
- Imriel (Roxane CHAVAGNE) : Graph (Foodporn & Emots artist) Instagram page
- Noémie VERSTRAETEN : Graph (Environnement & Randon Gamzay), Voice Actor Instagram Page & Art Station Page
- Erlé MONCHANIN : Sound Designer


Build.zip 45 MB

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