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You play Jason the pigeon, terror of the park  ! Your main occupation is to shit on people to assure your dominance over your territory !

Be a nasty bird , watch out for food to reload and have fun being as annoying as possible :) Hope you'll enjoy the challenge ahead !!!


On the ground : WASD or ZQSD

When flying : A or Q to flap left wing / D  to flap right wing

Shit on people : SPACE


  • - watch close your shit ammunitions, you need to eat to get them back
  • - Flap left wing and right wing consecutively to fly strait !


Made during the #ENJAM2020 - Theme was "Wait, are we the bad guys?"

Marketing Challenge “Shitpost” : Tease your game once a working hour on the social media ✅

Programming Challenge “Power Mode” : Use a power mode extension on your code editor  ✅

Audio Challenge “Shrek is love, Shrek is life: ”Resample only sounds from the Shrek movies."


Fabrizio Santoro : Programmer

Benoit Toth : Programmer 

Quentin Barbier : Programmer

Laetitia Brun : Graphic/animation designer

Noémie Verstraeten : UI designer

Terry Perez Gervais : Sound Design / Music composer

Martin Zina : Lead Game Designer

Axelle Briand : Game Designer

Antoine Thevevoux : Project Manager

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Authorsnoemiev, Fabpk90, bourbabour, Benoit TOTH, Terry Perez Gervais, Martin Zina, Laetitia Brun, Kalhu


PigeonPewPew.zip 35 MB


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Le voice acting est incroyable ! On reconnait bien Martin à la voix 😄